Get Great Performance With Oppo reno 6


Oppo REX is currently available in the market with a unique feature of having two different panels for the display. The dual panels of Oppo REX are made of Corning Gorilla Glass with an extra layer of sapphire crystal. This special feature of Oppo REX helps in preventing fingerprints, smudges, dirt, smudges etc. from harming the beauty of your cell phone display.

Oppo REX has built-in features like quick charge, fast charging, w oppo reno 6 ater resistant, touch screen, resistance to heat, resistive touch screen and anti-glare technology. The Oppo REX has a unique dual curved battery screen which makes it very convenient for you to use. The powerful chipset of this smartphone gives it a superior speed and performance. In order to get the maximum performance out of this device, you must keep your device clean. You can clean this device with the help of this device care guide which is given below.

Oppo smartphone’s unique attribute is that it comes in two variants, the Pro version and the standard version. The manufacturer has decided to introduce two variants so that the users do not get confused when they wish to buy Oppo smartphones. With the help of this device care manual, you can clean the device with ease. You should not use any chemical substance when you clean the device, as the lithium polymer liquid that is present in the smartphone attracts the dust and dirt and might damage the sensitive parts of the smartphone.

The camera of Oppo REOX includes 16 megapixels camera that features laser autofocus and image stabilization. The images are captured in true color format and include good quality as well. The camera has an inbuilt image processing engine that can adjust colors accordingly. The phone has a very sensitive touch screen and this is one of the reasons that makes the Oppo REOX such a wonderful gadget. This smartphone does not support Windows OS successfully and hence requires you to download Windows OS compatible apps to run the device properly.

The battery of Oppo REOX is removable and has a long battery life, this enables you to enjoy multiple browsing hours without charging the battery. It has a high density of ram and supports microSD slot to store files. The battery supports turbo power, ionic breeze technology that allows the device to run on electricity when it is being charged. The memory of this smartphone has great quality and hence you can store huge files on it. The microSD slot also supports microGA and thus allows you to view large files on this handset.

The Oppo reno6 series offers users a lot of options including its unique security feature. You can keep the device in safe hands of its user-friendly software that has no complexity. All the usual applications such as messaging, internet and office play come with it. This gives the users enough memory space to download various apps.

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