What’s So Great About Avanti Compact Refrigerators?

Buying compact refrigerators can be quite tricky, especially for newbies. Why? whirlpool 190 ltr refrigerator 3 star This is because the top manufacturers of general refrigerators are not often the best buys for these specialized kinds. As refrigerator sizes become smaller, it is a challenge to retain the freezing/chilling power of a full-sized one and still provide ample storage space. One of the best brands in the compact refrigerator market is Avanti. Although relatively unknown in the full-sized ones’ arena, Avanti compact refrigerators stand out because they can function almost as well as full-sized ones despite their smaller sizes.

The smallest models being offered are called compact cubes – ideal for dormitories, game rooms, and small offices. Avanti models are well-known in the 1.7 cubic feet size, although 2.4 cubic feet ones are also available. A basic, but highly recommended model is the 1.7 cubic feet Superconductor Refrigerator (SHP 1700W). Avanti compact refrigerators use R134A refrigerants, but they don’t have compressors, making operation really quiet – almost no annoying loud humming sounds. Its thermostat is adjustable from 36ºF – 56ºF, and it has interior LED lighting for brighter yet less power-consuming lights. It also has a reversible door, slide out shelf, and an auto-defrost system for convenience – and for all these features, it’s reasonably priced at around $150. Priced slightly higher (around $160), one can also get the SHP1702SS model, featuring similar features – but made of more durable stainless steel. All said models weigh a light 27 pounds.

Avanti compact refrigerators also come in counterhigh models if you want more space at less the width. The RA316BT, priced at around $300, offers 3.1 cubic feet of storage, with one cubic foot dedicated to a true 0-degree freezer compartment. It also comes with a dairy bin, bottle bin, a can dispenser that can store up to 6 cans, 8 temperature modes for more precise thermal control, and an auto-defrost system. If you don’t really need a freezer, or a chiller will do for you, the Avanti RM3250W is also a great buy at a cheaper price of $250. If you want even more space, there is also a 4.5 cubic feet Avanti compact refrigerator available – the RM4589SS2, at a slightly wider dimension (20.25″) than the previous models. It comes in a sleek black exterior with a reversible stainless steel door. Its defrost system, though, is manual and it has no freezer compartment – reasonable though, for a relatively cheap price of $260.

There are also special models which can be used outdoors. These models are often designed in such a way that they can be free-standing (to stand alone) or built-in/undercounter (can be incorporated in cabinets and counters). This is possible because of the front-vent and flush back designs which make installation against walls easier. Avanti compact refrigerators of this type are thus more expensive because of these added value features. A suggested outdoor refrigerator model is the OBC32SS, which comes in a full stainless steel finish and has 3.2 cubic feet storage capacity. It also has casters to make it portable and includes a six foot power cord to make it suitable for outdoor use. The cheapest price currently offered is around $820. A similarly-designed outdoor refrigerator is the OBC33SSD. Its main difference from the OBC32SS is its lovely double pane glass door. It costs just slightly higher, with the lowest offer at $850.

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